Construction Law and Construction Litigation

We represent clients in the construction industry in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  We represent general contractors, subcontractors, architects, and materials suppliers in public works projects and construction in the private sector.

We have experience in drafting the contract forms our contractor clients rely upon daily for use in their businesses and reviewing contracts presented to them in this industry.  We handle bid protests, the construction claims process, and litigation of construction claims and contract disputes in the courts and in alternative dispute resolution forums such as the American Arbitration Association.  We work closely with our contractor clients to minimize the potential for disputes, but also to protect their rights in court or an ADR setting, if necessary.

We represent:

  • Heavy/Highway contractors
  • Wastewater and Water Infrastructure contractors
  • General contractors in the home building field
  • Contractors specializing in the construction of Schools and Churches
  • Electrical contractors
  • HVAC contractors
  • Mechanical contractors
  • Material Suppliers, including lumber, scaffolding, valves and fittings

Our services include: 

Contract Drafting 

We have significant experience in drafting and reviewing various contractual arrangements in construction projects. We draft contracts for clients and review documents they receive from other parties. The types of documents include subcontracts for general contractors to use in public works and private construction projects, design build contracts, joint venture agreements, and purchase orders for use with material suppliers.

Bid Disputes 

We counsel contractors regarding, and represent them in disputes arising from, public bidding. The services range from advice on public bidding issues to full scale injunction proceedings when disputes arise from a public bid.  We have a solid understanding of the substantive and procedural principles that govern public bidding and are able to prosecute and defend bid disputes effectively for our clients.

Claims and Litigation 

Throughout a project, we continually provide advice concerning project issues, delays, disruptions in work, payment issues and design problems. We regularly counsel clients on issues and problems that arise with a view toward attempting to find and implement a cost-effective solution immediately, with the goal being to avoid costly litigation or other dispute resolution at the conclusion of the job. We provide representation concerning many types of construction claims, including:

  • Payment Claims, including statutory “prompt pay” claims
  • Design deficiencies, design error and misrepresentation claims
  • Delay, disruption and inefficiency claims, Acceleration claims
  • Change Order disputes and Extra Work Claims
  • Mechanics’ Lien claims
  • Payment and performance bond claims