We assist clients, from multinational corporations to individuals, with the review, drafting, negotiation, and modification of a variety of contracts. We help clients identify deficiencies in their current form contracts and revise those contracts to better serve their interests by decreasing their legal exposure and limiting the potential for successful challenges to their contracts. We also draft contracts specifically tailored to our clients’ business or personal needs.

Our experience litigating contract disputes provides invaluable insight to the process of reviewing, drafting, or negotiating contracts for our clients. Our experience is not just “theoretical,” but has been tried and tested in the real world.

We use our comprehensive knowledge of contract formation and interpretation to effectively serve our clients’ interests in contract disputes. We pride ourselves in efficiently resolving the majority of our clients’ contract disputes long before a trial is necessary. When a resolution through negotiation is not possible, we aggressively litigate our clients’ interests in the state, federal and appellate court systems in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York and through alternative dispute resolution.