Products Liability

The firm is regularly engaged to represent residential, commercial and industrial product designers, manufacturers, distributors and suppliers in the defense of a wide range of product liability actions involving personal injury and property damage due to alleged defects in all facets of product design, manufacturing, inspection, testing and certification, product warnings, distribution and supply chain management, and warranty claims. In addition, the firm has extensive experience pursuing product defect and supply-contract based claims by manufacturers against product component and subcomponent manufacturers and suppliers alleging inferior product components / sub-components.

The firm has extensive experience defending actions involving fire suppression and fire control systems and system components, water flow and electrical systems and system components, industrial machinery, consumer products, automotive and airline industry components.

The firm also has extensive experience defending product manufacturers against toxic-tort claims alleging injuries and/or death due to asbestos-related diseases due to alleged direct exposure to asbestos products, asbestos-containing materials, and site specific conditions.

In addition, due to recent changes in the law that may allow a former employer to pursue a direct action against a former employer for alleged occupational disease, to which traditional workers compensation coverage may not apply, the firm defends employers against such actions.

In coordinating, facilitating and executing a vigorous defense of its clients, the firm works closely with internationally recognized forensic investigators and products, materials, industry and occupational consultants and experts.