Zoning & Land Use

We are experienced in analyzing zoning impacts and environmental regulations; leading due diligence investigations, obtaining subdivision, land development, conditional use, and special exception and variance approvals; as well as obtaining rezoning and zoning text amendments.

We offer zoning due diligence, evaluate the feasibility of a project and also represent applicants before local planning boards, boards of adjustment and other governmental authorities and in litigation related to land use and development.  We prepare developer agreements and provide guidance on business transactions and leasing, construction agreements and litigation.

We help navigate stringent environmental controls, stay up-to-date on ever-changing land use laws and the latest judicial decisions, and are dedicated to identifying ways that will save time and expense.  We work in coordination with development professionals, including architects, engineers and planners.

We know that litigation is not, and should not, be your first option when it comes to resolving land use and zoning issues.  That is why our approach to any development project begins with a thorough assessment of all the relevant factors that may influence the project. We help identify the options that offer the least amount of potential conflict and the most promising outcome.